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How important is it to be an extrovert to become a doctor?

Asked Sartell, Minnesota

I want a career in the medical field. I love school and am very interested in the sciences and medicine/biology in particular. I am also shy and not sure I have the 'people skills' needed to become a doctor, which is what I believe I want to do. I need to know if I am better off pursuing something else. #medical-practice #medicine #medschool #introvert

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It is not important to be an extrovert to be a physician. There are patients for every physician, and a physician for every patient. There are many fields of medicine - perhaps it would be more important to consider which field, according to the personality type. But basically, do not over think this. Just do what you love. No matter what, you cannot make everyone happy. What matters, at the end of the day, is that you treated other people like you want to be treated. Otherwise, you're a hypocrite - and don't deserve the respect of anyone.
Last updated Sep 29 '17 at 03:40 PM
Hi Spencer, You do not need to be an extrovert to become a doctor. Many doctors are shy, but medical school and your experiences will teach you how to be personable to your patients. I have friends who are doctors, who are shy, but they are great at their profession. Best, Herman
Last updated Sep 28 '17 at 05:41 PM
It is not necessary to be an extrovert to be a physician. To be honest, I saw both in premed, medical school, as an intern, resident, fellow, and in practice. I typically found those who were more of an extrovert to be clinically based physicians, i.e, surgeons, family practice, etc. In the fields of pathology, neuropathology, molecular biology, researchers they tended to attract the more introverted type personality. What is important is not that you are an extrovert or introvert, but that you excel, i.e., you use your God given talents, not only as a physician but more importantly as a human being. Bill Cox
Last updated Oct 01 '17 at 02:12 PM
As Bill commented above it isn’t necessary. Certain types of people do gravitate more towards certain areas. I was an extreme introvert but through the course of my education and wanting to be a surgeon I became much more extroverted.
Last updated Dec 02 '17 at 01:40 AM
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