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How important is it to be an extrovert to become a doctor?

I want a career in the medical field. I love school and am very interested in the sciences and medicine/biology in particular. I am also shy and not sure I have the 'people skills' needed to become a doctor, which is what I believe I want to do. I need to know if I am better off pursuing something else. #medical-practice #medicine #medschool #introvert

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There are certainly doctors that are not extroverts. There are specialties and parts of specialties that do not interact with the public as much or at all. Some radiologists see patients quite a lot, while others may see a couple patients in a day, or none at all. Pathology is another area that has little interaction with patients. Research is another option that many doctors enjoy. Information Technology has become a very important part of medicine and there are some doctors that are becoming involved in this as well. Communication with patients and other doctors is something that is important and a part of many physician's jobs -in fact I think we all are wise to be working on improving in this area - but there are many different ways to work as a doctor and not all will emphasize 'interpersonal skills'. If you are interested in Medicine, I believe you can find a part of it that fits your interests and personality. As you go through training and get experience, keep your eyes open for people that are introverts and that have a personality similar to yours and see what jobs they enjoy.
Last updated Oct 01 '17 at 12:56 PM
I don't think you need to be extrovert to be a physician or work in the medical field. The medical communication skills and interpersonal skills are something you need to learn during the training. It is a professional behavior. We need to think it in a developmental way, these are skills that you can learn from hard work! Just follow your heart and pursue your dream without hesitation.
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Interpersonal skills are something you can learn and should not stop you from pursuing your dreams. But if you feel an insurmountable amount of anxiety in speaking with people there are always other jobs in the medical field which success is less dependent on social skills. #radiology #research
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Interest in science, medicine, and helping people attain and maintain health are important. There are all sorts of "personality types" and health care providers include all those types Luckily, there is no cookie cutter mold. Some people are more quiet in large groups but easily maintain conversations in small groups or one on one encounters. If you have an interest in healthcare, continue working toward your goal. There are many positions in health care. As you continue on your path, it is likely you will learn of jobs you didn't know exist. One of those professions may be perfect for you.
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I am very much an introvert ..but I have empathy for my patients. My suggestion is focus on being empathetic, your being extrovert or introvert looses focus.
Last updated Oct 03 '17 at 05:44 AM
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