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Gabriel’s Avatar
Gabriel Dec 13, 2017 636 views

What steps are necessary to become an anesthesiologist?

I don’t come from a family of money or a family in the medical career. Honestly I don’t want to become an anesthesiologist for the interest but I have learned that anything I focus towards I grow to love that subject and a job like anesthesiology is something not many people will do, but I will...

Morgan’s Avatar
Morgan Apr 19, 2018 737 views

How hard is it to get into a nursing program/medical school?

#nursing #medical-practice #nurse #healthcare #hospital-and-healthcare

Sofija’s Avatar
Sofija Nov 14, 2022 178 views

Are internships widely avaliable for students who also have a heavy courseload??

I enjoy hands on activities and feel like getting real time experience especially in the medical field would be exponentially helpful, but I don't want to overload myself with hard classes and that responsibility

Maria’s Avatar
Maria Apr 21, 2018 767 views

Is it harder for D.O.'s to get the same respect as M.D.'s?

I've recently become interested in #osteopathic #medicine. The philosophy of treating patients as a whole instead of just symptoms appeals to me. However, I've heard that it may be hard for D.O.'s to find residencies that are not biased. I hadn't even heard of D.O.'s until a year ago,...

Brooke’s Avatar
Brooke Apr 06, 2018 563 views

Recommendations for my major?

I'm interested in physical therapy and speech pathology, but I also love anything history related. What's something I could major in that includes both the medical field and/or history? #medical-practice #american-history

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Mar 25, 2018 684 views

What are the best opportunities for a rewarding career in the medical profession working with children?

I am currently a senior in high school and am interested in the medical profession, specifically working with children. I have been admitted into college and want to know more about my future. #medical-practice

Nia’s Avatar
Nia Mar 18, 2018 466 views

Do home schooled students have as good a chance of being accepted to colleges as kids in traditional schools?

I am homeschooled and I read once that some colleges are skeptical about transcripts from home schooled students. I worry about being accepted because my ACT score isn't great.


Vilma’s Avatar
Vilma Jan 16, 2018 673 views

What can you do in high school to make yourself appear more competitive when applying to a pre-me program?

I’m a sophomore in high school and wondering about what I could be doing now to make myself appear a strong and willing candidate for an exceptional pre-med program in college. I have always wanted to go into the medical field, but never sure about what I could be doing to make myself stand out...

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Jan 19, 2018 573 views

What are important pre-requisite classes for possible engineering students?

I am thinking of studying engineering in college and want to know which classes I need to take in high school to help me get there. #college #engineering #high-school-classes

Devetra’s Avatar
Devetra Dec 04, 2017 682 views

What are reasonable Medical Colleges in the U.S.?

Possibly want to go to medical school, but can't really afford an Ivy league. #doctor #college-selection #medical-practice #medicine #medical-school

Athier’s Avatar
Athier Oct 10, 2017 914 views

What courses do you need to take for medical school?

I want to know that I'm taking the right courses and that I'm on the right path to becoming a pediatrician. #pediatrics #pediatric-nursing #pediatrician #medical-practice

hassan’s Avatar
hassan Oct 10, 2017 833 views

How many years of college do you need to be a heart surgeon?

i'm in 10th grade and i want to be a heart surgeon when i grow up #surgery #cardiothoracic-surgeon #medical-practice #doctor #medical-education

spencer’s Avatar
spencer Sep 28, 2017 2310 views

How important is it to be an extrovert to become a doctor?

I want a career in the medical field. I love school and am very interested in the sciences and medicine/biology in particular. I am also shy and not sure I have the 'people skills' needed to become a doctor, which is what I believe I want to do. I need to know if I am better off pursuing...

Chaveli’s Avatar
Chaveli May 15, 2016 1513 views

What are some of the challenges a doctor may face during their personal and professional life?

Many people tell you not to take this path but I want to know from someone who has done it or on their way to being a doctor how they balanced it all. #college #medicine #healthcare #graduate-school #life #medical-practice

Kelly’s Avatar
Kelly Sep 01, 2017 843 views

I am interested in pursuing a career in nursing. will it be worth it to go to a community college or a university?

I have looked all over the internet to find out what is better to do. There is a shortage on nurses, which means lots of jobs. I want to know if it is necessary to go to either. My dream is so go to a university and have the college experience. I also want to come out with a job and only a...