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What are reasonable Medical Colleges in the U.S.?

Possibly want to go to medical school, but can't really afford an Ivy league. #doctor #college-selection #medical-practice #medicine #medical-school

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Most private medical schools will be fairly expensive. I would look into state schools. I am from the west coast and would tell you both Colorado and New Mexico have good schools
Last updated Dec 06 '17 at 08:46 PM
You know what they call the medical school graduate who ranks lowest in his class? Answer: "DOCTOR"!!! Your goal is to graduate. And does it matter from which school? I would say not. If, after medical school, you cannot sell yourself to the residency position you desire on the basis of your rapport, work ethic, willingness to learn, and commitment to the residency process, then don't go to medical school. Your goal is to graduate from medical school, without it wrecking your life or making you a slave to loans and other bad financial decisions) for the rest of your life. SO, look for affordable medical schools - some states have out-of-state-student tuition that is lower than resident tuition in other states. Look for scholarships - even small ones - that represent your heritage (check it out - my kids could have applied for a Lithuanian scholarship). Get a college degree that will net you a good part-time income while you're in medical school (e.g., pharmacy or nursing). Also, consider a medical school in a location that is less stressful (e.g., not in a big downtown area) to minimize commute, parking, danger, expense. Remember, your goal is to graduate, doctor! Going to a big name medical school is some crime-ridden inner city simply means you put yourself at risk and paid too much. Personally, I do not believe that the big name will pay off someday - nobody EVER asks me where I went to medical school!
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