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Recommendations for my major?

I'm interested in physical therapy and speech pathology, but I also love anything history related. What's something I could major in that includes both the medical field and/or history? #medical-practice #american-history

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2 answers

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Kathryn’s Answer

Instead of trying to find a major that covers both topics, why don't you major in physical therapy and speech pathology and minor in history, I don't think they have to be related. That way you get the background you need to pursue your career path in physical therapy and speech pathology, yet you still get to dive into your interest in history. The history classes will still give your skills that you can apply regardless of your job path: writing, critical thinking, and reasoning skills so they are still a vital part of your education.

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Martha Cecile’s Answer

Isn't history about what motivated people to act, and how their actions affected those around them? Forensic pathology, which combines psychology, theorism, probability, physiology, and medical pathology might be the field for you! One may participate as technician, nurse, or physician. I saw this bumper sticker in Denton, Texas: "I'm a forensic nurse - what's your super power?" Check it out by visiting your local medical examiner's office, meeting the personnel, asking them what they like about their jobs. (I was particularly touched when a local forensic nurse described her role in evaluating possible suicide scenes, carefully interviewing family members, tenderly communicating outcomes, nudging survivors towards counseling for their self-preservation and prevention of reactive suicide.)

Thank you so much, this helped a LOT! Brooke L.