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Is it harder for D.O.'s to get the same respect as M.D.'s?

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I've recently become interested in #osteopathic #medicine. The philosophy of treating patients as a whole instead of just symptoms appeals to me. However, I've heard that it may be hard for D.O.'s to find residencies that are not biased. I hadn't even heard of D.O.'s until a year ago, neither have many people that I know. Will this effect how I will be seen as a #doctor?

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3 answers

Martha Cecile’s Answer


Maria, as an allopathic medical school graduate in 1985, I have yet to see a respect problem between MDs and DOs. As an allopathic physician, I was taught to treat the "whole patient", too. I trained, and have worked, alongside osteopaths with no apparent difference in our approach. Interestingly, it is the patients who wants to have their symptoms treated (with no interference in how they live their lives!) And woe to those physicians who do not prescribe what the patient wants - ruination via social media is next (you can check out scholarly articles about this behavior on Google - haha!).

I am by no means a doctor. However, I do listen to a podcast called the Pre-Med Years on spotify. He basically talks about getting into med school or DO school and talks to other medical professionals. From his experience and others, nobody really has a problem with anyone if they went to DO school nor are they treated differently. I also heard that they are moving towards just integrating DO school and medical school because they are so similar.

deb’s Answer


Not anymore. I’m a nurse with many years experience and both are equally respected. Both of my sons are in DO programs because the philosophy matches theirs. The are interested in wellness.

There is a physician shortage and you will have many opportunities

deb recommends the following next steps:

  • Research the requirements of programs you’re interested in

Robert’s Answer



recently the accreditation organizations that license residency programs have streamlined things and osteopathic and allopathic residencies are the under the same organization. I teach at both types and there just is not any issue with this anymore.