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Is focus on a specific field or exploration of many different fields better for getting into med school?

Updated South San Francisco, California

I'm interested in being either a researcher or a doctor/surgeon of some sort. #pre-med #research #medicine #hospital-and-health-care

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William’s Answer

I would suggest focusing on one discipline, but showing interest in other fields of thought. Example, if you have an affinity for the Biological Sciences, demonstrate that. However, not uncommonly we all have other interest, such as history, languages, music, etc. There is something else to consider, and that is constructive involvement in social issues, i.e., for example, at this time Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico are desperate for help, most especially the latter. These are just thoughts. There is nothing wrong with diverse interest, what I am suggesting is although diversity is good, it needs to be structured. I hope I have been of help. Bill Cox