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Do certain schools look better when applying to medical school?

Like what do people from some schools have a better chance of getting into med school as others?
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The question you have asked has been asked for decades. Is it necessary to go to an Ivy League School to get into Medical School. No!! Does it help. That depends on how well you as it does in every college or university you attend. I went to Juniata College. It has always been known as an excellent Liberal Arts College, which at the time had an excellent pre-med program, which it may very well today. During my four years there we had a transfer from Harvard. Although, Harvard is an excellent University, he was happier at Juniata. As you would expect, he did very well at Juniata. In our graduating class we had students go on to many Universities, including Ivy League, as well as MIT. The best advise I can give you, which was the same my wife and I gave our three children. Visit all the schools you believe are those that you would like to attend to bring your dreams true and most of all visit them. Believe me, you will know. Remember, talk to your teachers and your school councilors. They know you as well as the schools you would like to attend.
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The short answer is: it depends. There are scenarios where going to a certain school might set you apart from the rest of the applicants if everything else is equal. However, it is also possible to get into medical school from smaller schools that may not have the reputation of Ivy League schools or big name schools. I have several peers that have got into medical school from small name schools and also some that have gotten into medical school from bigger schools. At the end of the day, what you put into your education and what you get out of it matters more! Good Luck!
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