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Behavioral Health Professional; CT Licensed Secondary Educator
Educational Instruction and Library Occupations - Community and Social Service Occupations
Seymour, Connecticut
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Alicia’s Avatar
Alicia Sep 15, 2020 990 views

Do you need to be really good in science to become an orthodontist?

I'm a Junior in high school. I want to know if I have to be really smart in science because I don't want to get to college or university and lose money for something I know I'm not really good at. I want to find the best match for me. #college-majors #university #dental #dental-hygienist...

RonDasha’s Avatar
RonDasha Jan 21, 2017 790 views

What is the longest process of getting in college?

Im asking this question because i want to go to college. #college

Kemi’s Avatar
Kemi Jan 25, 2017 1055 views

How many credits do college students usually take per semester?

My high school friends are wondering what is usually consider a normal workload in a normal semester of college in general. #college

Kemi’s Avatar
Kemi Jan 21, 2017 1013 views

How can I become recognized by a professor?

I want to go to graduate school and I know that schools require letters of recommendations from faculty members. I would like my future professors to be the ones to write the letters but how can I stand out to them? #college

Trey’s Avatar
Trey Jan 04, 2017 1103 views

How many times do you think is acceptable to change your major?

I have already changed my major 2 times and am still not sure of it is where i want to stay. #college #college-major

Kemi’s Avatar
Kemi Jan 03, 2017 769 views

Will commuting be too time-consuming?

I'm thinking of commuting next year because I don't think paying 10k+ a year for what I'm getting with room/board is worth it. But, then there's the issue that by commuting, I may be wasting time (1-1.5 hours round trip) which I could otherwise use to study or commit to other things. With this,...

Kemi’s Avatar
Kemi Dec 31, 2016 1490 views

Is studying abroad really worth it?

So many people have recommended that Is study abroad at some point in my college career. But, it can get a bit expensive depending on the location. Nevertheless, is the experience worth it? #college #study-abroad

Trey’s Avatar
Trey Dec 27, 2016 872 views

How can you're college help you get a job?

I've been told that you're more or less gaurenteed a job once graduating. How can one use their schools resources to actually make this happen? #college

Kennedy’s Avatar
Kennedy Dec 03, 2016 930 views

How do decide what major to take in college???

I would like to go to UGA and I am not sure what I would like to major in. It seems like something to really commit to and I am ready to that but It just always pains me to think that I might not find what I could be interested in doing. #college #college-major

elijah’s Avatar
elijah Aug 20, 2016 659 views

What are some tips and resources available for getting into a good college

news like scholarships, grants or application tips. #college

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla Aug 17, 2016 764 views

What colleges are advised for a successful career in sports entertainment ?

According to a website I'm visiting I can earn scholarships for setting aside my pride and asking my questions regarding sports entertainment. I would like to know the answer to this so that I can help my brother who is a senior in high school choose a school that's best for him. #college...

Zaire ’s Avatar
Zaire Aug 12, 2016 982 views

Around what time should should have start applying for college

I just started my 11th grade year and wondering when to start applying for college

Sharlene’s Avatar
Sharlene Aug 13, 2016 1159 views

When it comes to going to different colleges is it more beneficial to go to a four year college or a two year college?

I'm just curious to know which one is more effective and beneficial overall. #college #education

Anina’s Avatar
Anina Jul 29, 2016 836 views

What is the best way to pack your stuff to go to college?

I'm leaving for college in a few weeks for a college on the other side of the country. Should I have my stuff shipped (is it expensive especially for big stuff like blankets?) Should I just make sure that everything fits in two suitcases for my flight? #college

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Jul 12, 2016 1084 views

What is the path to becoming an optometrist?

I am curious about this profession. #college #optometry