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How do I make myself stand out amongst other med school applicants? #doctor #premed #medicine #medical-school

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Bonnie’s Answer


Most medical schools are highly competitive. Many will only consider applicants that maintained a 3.9 GPA during their undergraduate studies. Volunteering in medical research, participating in extracurricular activities that pertain to your medical area of interest will help.

Bonnie recommends the following next steps:

  • Take your undergraduate studies seriously. Maintain a high GPA.

William’s Answer


You need to make certain you address what Medical Schools are currently looking for. To accomplish that find out who of the counsellors at your school have insight into what Medical Schools are looking for and approach them about helping you. Do this at the beginning of your Freshman year. A few thoughts, if you have an idea as to what medical schools you might like to attend focus on them as to what they are looking for.

Medical schools by' and large' want to see a well rounded person, who shows not only evidence of intellect, but maturity and a sense of what it is they would like to accomplish. In addition to taking the appropriate courses, i.e., advanced courses in the Biological and or Chemical Sciences, take courses which show your intellectual interest have depth and breadth. For example, it you have an interest in history or languages, take enough courses which demonstrate a degree of accomplishment, i.e., you are fluent in Russian, etc. If you have an interest in athletics, whatever that my be, participate in that sport with enthusiasm.

What you are attempting to show the medical schools you are interested in is you have a well rounded personality structure with not only intellect and maturity, but depth and breadth in your interest and a sense of what it Is you would like to accomplish.

I hope I have been of some help.

Bill Cox

William recommends the following next steps:

  • Identify the appropriate counsellor.

Tiffany’s Answer


Hi Taylor! Happy Holidays!

The one thing I would suggest to make your self stand out is to know your value and what you bring to the fore front in any situation. You are your own cheerleader so make sure you toot your own horn. Your actions speak louder than words so when you have the opportunity to encourage or help others do it! Share your best practices and always come with a solution to a problem . Always be first to speak even if your always the first to speak! I hope this was helpful.

Tiffany W.

Hi Taylor! I absolutely agree with Tiffany, you are your own best advocate! Not just in this situation but, in life! Although I have never applied to medical school, kudos to you, I have applied to my fair share of jobs. My advice to stand out from the crowd is first and, foremost do your research. It is about what you can offer them but also, how do you fit into their picture? So if your applying to a school or a business do your research about them so you can explain what value your going to offer to them. In addition, what assets you possess to make them better or be a good representation of their school. Then as silly as it may sound a firm handshake, good eye contact, and some type of follow up, like a thank you note goes a really long way. Good Luck!!!Stacey R. Stacey Rozanski