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Vera L. May 10, 2017 3537 views

Is it possible to become a psychiatrist if my BA is in psychology?

Can I go on to become a psychiatrist if my undergraduate major is psychology? How many extra chemistry/STEM classes will I have to take in order to qualify for medical school? #medicine #psychology #graduate-school #college-bound #human-resources #college-jobs #changing-careers...


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Sharlene M. Jul 25, 2016 480 views

Is it typical for someone to change their job several times outside of the subject of their first job throughout their lifetime?

I'm a rising sophomore in college and I'm interested in pursuing several different science topics. I am curious to see if it is common for people to change their job to something completely different after doing something for a long period of time? #career-counseling #career-choice...


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Teal K. Apr 29, 2014 1635 views

How difficult is it to change careers?

I'm a senior in high school and upon entering college I am becoming more and more worried about my future. I don't really know what I want to study in or make into a career path, so I was wondering how locked in are you once you declare a major and begin your career path? #science #majors...

#changing-careers #theatre #multiple-interests

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Sean G. Mar 18, 2014 1036 views

Is it hard to change your career?

I am interested in becoming a journalist, or a geneticist, or a veterinarian, or... You get the point. I have a lot ot career ideas, but none I am too sure about. I am wondering, if I try to become a journalist, and later on I don't like it, is changing careers hard?...


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RS P. Mar 04, 2014 1140 views

Would you choose this career if you could make the decision again?

My objective is to get into the medical field and I want to know if someone could change their career what would they choose. #career #career-choice #career-path #decision-making...