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Career Questions tagged Creative Arts

Kyle’s Avatar
Kyle Dec 13, 2022 308 views

How i do find my way in life?

How do I go about finding my purpose in life? I love music and anything creative but don't much confidence I have what it takes.

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Aug 18, 2022 335 views

Changing Careers to Creative

I'm looking to make a career change back into the creative space with the goal of being a Creative Director. Any advice on how to make this switch?

Livvy’s Avatar
Livvy Jan 16, 2018 718 views

What tips do you have for finding a publishing agent?

Publishing is one of the most important aspects of being an author, and it can be very hard to get your foot in the door. What tips are there for doing so?

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Livvy’s Avatar
Livvy Jan 16, 2018 728 views

What is one of the best ways to combat writers' block?

I want to be an author, but I often find it hard to continue when I'm stuck in a certain part of my story, so I'm wondering what techniques other authors have for combating this issue.

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Brittany’s Avatar
Brittany Apr 05, 2017 1071 views

What's a good way to start selling original art?

With the internet vastly available, anybody can post their art online and try to make a buck, but most rarely do. What's a good "old-school" strategy to start selling art? I know that a lot of people would prefer to support a local artist than buy from a mainstream store like IKEA or Target....

mckenna’s Avatar
mckenna Feb 24, 2017 1186 views

What colleges are best for artists?

iv heard alot of bad reviews on the art institutes. im 15 and about to graduate in 2 year. im so stressed out about college. does anyone have any ideas #art #design #creative-arts

veronica’s Avatar
veronica May 13, 2016 710 views

What exactly is a creative director?

My idea of a creative director is someone who has the ability to produce many things from shows to concerts, and designs/creates all of the spectacle that's included within it. For example, maybe the stage set up for a concert and how the colors work into the ambience of the show, or even...

veronica’s Avatar
veronica May 13, 2016 1003 views

What should I do after I graduate college?

I have big dreams of becoming a professional dancer who books, tours, music videos, award shows, musicals, and any other kind of shows you can think of. I'm going to study interdisciplinary arts with specialization in arts leadership in Seattle University where I can learn about both the...