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Career Questions tagged Hip Hop Dance

Kristo’s Avatar
Kristo Jul 13, 2018 526 views

Is the a college for hip-hop dancing

#hip #hip-hop-dance #dance-teacher

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jelissa Apr 04, 2018 429 views

what would I major in if i want to be in the entertainment industry?

#dance #hip-hop-dance

jelissa’s Avatar
jelissa Apr 04, 2018 346 views

What can I do now to better myself to be a better dancer in the future?

I'm in 10th grade and I am trying to get into different affordable dance programs to help me #hip-hop-dance #dance

jelissa’s Avatar
jelissa Apr 04, 2018 454 views

What jobs can i get as a dancer?

I am an aspiring dancer and i want to know more about the potential jobs i can get as a dancer. #hip-hop-dance #dance

Gloria’s Avatar
Gloria Sep 08, 2016 715 views

Have there been any constructed robots that can dance hip-hop?

I am a dancer at Visions Dance Studio for four years now and I have been studying hip-hop and I would love to coordinate some dance moves to a robot since I already show an interest in Robotics. It's already a goal of mine to construct my first robot and I was thinking of a dancing robot with...

veronica’s Avatar
veronica May 13, 2016 898 views

What should I do after I graduate college?

I have big dreams of becoming a professional dancer who books, tours, music videos, award shows, musicals, and any other kind of shows you can think of. I'm going to study interdisciplinary arts with specialization in arts leadership in Seattle University where I can learn about both the...

Ciara’s Avatar
Ciara May 10, 2016 719 views

How do you get started creating your own dance studio?

I have danced for 9 years and want to be a Dance major in college. I'd like to own my own dance studio someday. #dance #dance-education #hip-hop-dance #jazz-dance #tap

kynnedi’s Avatar
kynnedi May 03, 2016 800 views

what can i do during collage to start teaching little kids how to dance

my goal is to finish my education and go off to collage major in hair, dance or engineering. #dance #hip-hop-dance #jazz-dance

Sha'Daiya’s Avatar
Sha'Daiya Jun 18, 2015 936 views

How many hip hop dance schools are in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania?

I would like to know how many dance schools there are near me so I would be able to weigh my options. #hip-hop-dance