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Why do most individuals that have a pre-med track do their major in biology?

Asked Herndon, Virginia

Hi, I am currently a senior in high school who will be attending college this fall semester. I aspire to become a doctor one day. I understand that I would have to be on the pre-med track in college to be considered by medical schools. I am a little confused on my major right now. I did ask a few doctors and did some of my own research and found that a lot of individuals do biology as their major. Is there a reason as to why biology is so popular with the pre-med track? Also, would it be okay for me to major in something other than biology? I am currently considering biochemistry.

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2 answers

William’s Answer


The reason for majoring in Biology in a pre-med program is because the very foundation of medicine is rooted in the Biological Sciences. I personally found having had a strong foundation in the Biological Sciences helped me enormously in medical school, especially the first two years. You have an enormous amount of information thrown at you in medical school; the better your foundation in the Biological Sciences allows you to more effectively cope with the volume and difficulty of the material.

Hwal’s Answer

Updated Roanoke, Virginia

Hi Arfa,

I can think of two reasons. First, most pre-meds genuinely enjoy science classes, and a biology major gives you a broad science education. Then, a lot of pre-meds believe that being a biology major increase their chance of acceptance to medical school, which is not necessarily true, by the way.

I think you'll be fine as a biochemistry major as long as you enjoy it, and yes, you can major in anything as a pre-med.

I hope this helps!