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What is the 3+3 Family medicine program like?

I was wondering about the accelerated family medicine program for md/do. I'm considering applying but want to know more. What's the residency like?

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2 answers

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Valerie’s Answer

This is not a typical program. It is probably specific to a certain medical school. Most physicians have 4 years in medical school and then 3 years in residency for family medicine doctors.

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Brooke’s Answer

I know I looked into these programs for a bit. There are not many of them in the country and they are definitely not "traditional." These programs also often limit you to family medicine only--so be aware of that in the instance you have even the slightest interest in another specialty. Saving that one year in medical school may not be worth it if you don't LOVE fam med. Medical school is definitely the hardest thing you will ever do, so I am not entirely sure how these programs are able to abbreviate it without sacrificing your mental health.