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What eductaion levels would I need for nursing?

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Intrested about what has to be done to getting to what I want.

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Paul’s Answer


Hi Brianna:

It really depends on your goals and the certification standards and requirements of your particular state. I have seen individuals attain an associates degree in nursing , pass the certification exam and become an RN. So an associates degree is the the initial standard. There are also several universities and four year colleges that offer the Bachelors in Science in Nursing (BSN), which enables the individual to possibly branch out into other areas and specialties in the nursing field (like pediatrics, OR Nurse etc...) The highest level I have seen individuals aim for is the Nurse Practitioner, which will require higher levels in education and certification above the masters degree and ultimately a Ph.D. So there are many possibilities for you to study and examine when trying to reach your professional goals.

Paul recommends the following next steps:

  • Review and research the nurse academic and certification requirements of your particular state.
  • Look for colleges that have nursing programs in your region and determine which one will be the best fit for you.
  • Talk with a college academic advisor and establish and academic plan which will enable you to attain the goals you have established for your career path.