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RACH A. Jul 31 33 views

What are suitable bachelor degrees to be a litigation lawyer?

I want to be a trial attorney in the future and was exploring either psychology or political science or even both. What are other suggestions that could help in my career as a possible trial attorney? #career #future #triallawyer #bachelorsdegree...


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RACH A. Jul 31 31 views

What kind of scholarships do i have to look for considering im American but living in Nepal?

I have little to no idea about scholarship processes and other details that i might require when i apply to colleges in US. I will be giving my SATs. How do i go about shortlisting colleges or looking for scholarships? i was born in new york. What kind of differences will there be between my...

#college #july

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RACH A. Jul 31 62 views

How do i go about selecting colleges? i want to possibly double major in psych and political science

my gpa is around 3.5 (CIE) but i am aiming to get a higher score in my SATs so that it balances out. Im an American citizen studying in highschool in Nepal. What tier of colleges should i aim for? #july...