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Do I have to enter college with the major I want to have all 4 years?

I find political science and anthropology both very interesting, but I'm not sure that I want to carry these out through all four years and make it my career because I also have many other passions.
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3 answers

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Marie’s Answer

Hi Mia! You definitely don't have to enter college with the major you want to have all 4 years -- but it's a good idea to start meeting with someone from the Career Center at your college right away when you start! You'll want to explore all your options early on as some of the paths towards a certain major are limiting in when classes are offered and you could end up having to take an extra year. Meet with your guidance counselor as well (early on in your first semester, or even at orientation/before school starts if you can!) to learn about how various major choices are stricter than others. It may be helpful to start out in the most strict major.

Marie recommends the following next steps:

Meet with your guidance counselor to discuss the various majors you're interested in and understand which ones have classes (especially in your first or second year) that overlap, and which majors are strict to decide which major makes sense to start with
Schedule a meeting with the Career Center to start exploring your options in your first year (or even first semester)
Follow your passions and be aware of all your options in your first year!

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Lauren’s Answer

Hey Mia, this is a great question. In my time in college, I started out expecting to be pre-law, moved into philosophy and then changed to literature and poetry, which is the field I graduated in. Which is to say, you can definitely change along the way, just so long as you give yourself enough time to complete your degree requirements within the time frame you want to graduate in. With my literature degree, I ended up finding my career in office operations and real estate and workplace. Although the two do not seem similar, the skills I developed in undergrad helped me to thrive in a fully different career field. I hope this answer helps and good luck to you as you work on your degree!

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Jolene’s Answer

I started college in the late 90s, when I started college I was a Computer Science major. After I began taking career specific courses I learned that Computer Science was not a good fit. I transitioned from a Computer Science major to the College of Liberal Arts. I wanted to continue my education so I began taking courses that would transition into many different majors (ex. Psychology, Statistics, Economics, etc.)

It is okay not to know on day 1 of college where you'd like to be at the end of your 4 year term. Take a little time and explore your passions, soon you'll know exactly where you should focus your career energy.