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hey, i am done with high school but i am confused on what career pathway to follow. I know i am made for social science related careers but still finding it difficult to choose between International relations and a foreign language or Anthropology and Communication studies with a minor in a foreign language or journalism

Updated Calgary, Alberta, Canada

4 answers

Jazhel’s Answer

Updated Tampa, Florida

Hi Beatrice,

I share your interest in social science. I think it’s very interesting and it compelled me to take Sociology for a major and I’m happy I did. I minored in International Communications and I thought it was more on the business side of communications. For your choices I think International relations for a major is a good path and foreign language as a minor will boost that. The major is expansive and the minor will help you in case you want to do something more specific. Think about what you would be happy doing in the future, for how long, and the benefits. Thinking of these things will make whatever you decide worth it.  Good luck.

Olivia’s Answer

It's great to hear what you're considering. I majored in international relations and history with a French minor, and now work with companies to help them have a positive impact on society (social impact + business). I met a CEO of a billon-dollar software company this week who earned a Masters degree in Anthropology. All of that to say what you major in (particularly in liberal arts/social sciences) does not limit the work you can do following. The best decisions I've made in education and work have been to turn toward what most excites me (not what's most pragmatic or lucrative or acceptable).

Olivia recommends the following next steps:

  • Ask questions in CV or reach out to people via LinkedIn who hold these jobs/work in these fields and ask them about their experiences. I thought I wanted to be an art curator at one point and after speaking to people who had this job, I decided not to pursue it.

Annabel’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

I would suggest just taking a variety of different classes to see which interest you the most. You want to make sure that you are excited by the classes you are taking and are passionate about the field. I would suggest trying out as many classes as you can in the fields you are interested in and then seeing which resonate the most with you and which you find yourself the most energized by. Then you can decide which you want to focus most of your time in college on and pick a career path from there.

Dana’s Answer

Updated Tampa, Florida

Hi! I would suggest communication with a minor in foreign language or journalism. I think you want to pick a study that is specific but broad at the same time in case you don't end up working in that field. A career is a journey not a destination. It can continually mold and change and for a lot of people it definitely does! So you want to make sure you studying a field that has transferable skills :)