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Melissa A. Feb 17, 2017 580 views

I may want a Ph.D. studying human trafficking or women and terrorism, what careers should I be looking for?

I have a Bachelor's in Sociology, Minor in International Relations, and now a Master's in Criminal Justice in Homeland Security. I would like to know where I should be looking for employment to prepare me for my possible future studies. criminal-justice social-networking...


Julia P.’s Avatar
Julia P. Jan 16, 2018 397 views

Is taking a Gap Year a good idea?

I hear pros and cons to taking a Gap Year. I'm not 100% sure on which major I want to take in college and thought it best to give myself time to find out what I like. gap-year college college-prep college-major...


Donovan C.’s Avatar
Donovan C. Jan 19, 2018 398 views

What kind of Career(s) allow you to have the most positive impact on the lives of inner city youth in our culture today?

I want to know what are the jobs and careers that will allow us to positively influence the underprivileged youth in our inner cities. I want to explore new ways that will allow us to not just impact the lives of these kids, but also of the many generations to come! bethechange social-impact...


Chelsea S.’s Avatar
Chelsea S. Mar 20, 2018 430 views

How can I make an impact on the world?

I have always wanted to make an impact in the world. I lived for it as a child (16 years and going in the Girl Scouts, NHS Scholar, etc), but doing it with established organizations is different than doing it on your own. nonprofits social-change career...


Shiloh B.’s Avatar
Shiloh B. May 10, 2018 269 views

What mindset do you carry with you wherever you are?

Whether at work, school, the store, what mindset do you carry and how do you think having that mindset affects your life and the people around you? justwondering mindfulness...


Kylee R.’s Avatar
Kylee R. Oct 30, 2018 346 views

What is the difference between majoring and minoring?

Are there different class amount requirements and do they hold different respects out in the community? college-major...