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Career Questions tagged Social Change

Chelsea S.’s Avatar
Chelsea S. Mar 20, 2018 430 views

How can I make an impact on the world?

I have always wanted to make an impact in the world. I lived for it as a child (16 years and going in the Girl Scouts, NHS Scholar, etc), but doing it with established organizations is different than doing it on your own. nonprofits social-change career...


Alisha S.’s Avatar
Alisha S. Jun 07, 2016 547 views

How does one start working for the U.N.?

I am interested in working for the U.N. to make the world a better place by working on issues like reducing pollution, stopping wars and eradicating can I go about achieving all this ? economics united-nations social-change...


Tania L.’s Avatar
Tania L. May 16, 2016 926 views

How do i pursue a future in the Peace Corps? What career or major should i look into? What does a future look like after the Peace corps?

I love helping people and i would love to be stationed somewhere aiding those who truly need it. Ill be truly fulfilled if i could spend my entire life observing humans from distinct areas and giving back to those who need help or guidance. I'd love to know how i can do this successfully and...

human-resources peace-corps social-sciences social-change helping-others humanities

Megan B.’s Avatar
Megan B. Mar 08, 2016 1599 views

How would you recommend getting your foot in the door in a field like non-profits?

I am a junior psychology major at Santa Clara University and starting to look for jobs as well as internships for the summer. I aim to work in non-profits or social entrepreneurship, but do not know which ones are right for me or the best way to contact these companies. psychology nonprofits...

social-change non-profit

Fernando P.’s Avatar
Fernando P. Mar 17, 2015 884 views

How do you address issues on college campuses?

I am part of a club that promotes awareness on sexual assault, domestic violence and gender equality. Was hoping to get ideas/suggestions. social-work social social-change...