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How can I make an impact on the world?

I have always wanted to make an impact in the world. I lived for it as a child (16 years and going in the Girl Scouts, NHS Scholar, etc), but doing it with established organizations is different than doing it on your own.
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3 answers

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Olivia’s Answer

Terrific question! I navigated this question for the first part of my career, which led me to the work I do now: I work with companies to help them have a positive impact in society (through their products/services, data, employee volunteering, money, advocacy, voice in the media, office space, etc.).

Working with nonprofits (organizations whose purpose is to address social challenges) or governments (local, state or national) puts impact (vs. profitability) at the center of what you would do. Increasingly, you can also make a difference through business/the private sector. You can do this through volunteering your time to give back or running programs in corporate social responsibility (which is what I do).

Here's an overview of corporate social responsibility:

And some tips for jobs in this sector:

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Jolene’s Answer

Hi Chelsea! That's a great question! Inside each of us there's passion, passion for people, passion for humanity, passion for animals, etc. What's your passion? What are you truly excited about? What drives your emotion? What do you feel are the most important aspects of you? These are not questions for a public response but these are questions to answer for yourself.

Once you know what that "thing" is or those "things" are you're most passionate about, follow your heart. Do some research to find ways in which you may volunteer in that area. Try to locate individuals that you may speak with and can provide guidance and advice.

Most important of all follow your heart and make your presence known, that is how you WILL impact the world.

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Jenna’s Answer

If you're in school now, find a cause that you are interested in, and volunteer your time with them. You can always make an impact, even if you don't feel like it at the time. Even if it's not in a formal setting, you can impact the people around you. Approach life with a service mentality- what can I do for others to make their lives better? Hold doors open, offer to be a study buddy, pick up trash from the street. Even if you have aged out of Girl Scouts, there are plenty of opportunities for adults to work with and volunteer for the Girl Scouts organization- give the local organization a call to see where they need help. Did you regularly work with a service organization? As an adult, go ahead and reach out and ask how you can stay involved- they would love to have you!