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How do you address issues on college campuses?

I am part of a club that promotes awareness on sexual assault, domestic violence and gender equality. Was hoping to get ideas/suggestions. #social-work #social #social-change #effective-advocacy

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2 answers

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Mellissa’s Answer

First off you need to find out/ask questions like:
Who, what, when, where, why and How?
Who is being targeted
What are the circumstances? & What is currently being done (if anything) - Have there been reports prior?
When are these attacks happening & When did they start etc
Where are the attacks taking place & document evidence as to why this area is of major concern, ie poor lighting, further distance from major campus areas.
Work out How it is you can do your part & who's responsibility it is from there.

Unfortunately these days there is very little power given to authorities such as Police personel, so essentially you need to give them as much information as possible regarding incidents.
Do make an enquiry to local police about what it is they can do.
I cannot stress this enough: DO NOT PUT YOURSELF OR ANYONE ELSE IN DANGER.
Speak to the person in charge of your campus, face to face, email, etc whatever method works and ask for a copy of the campus policy on safety & these type of incidents.
If need be you may need to take certain issues to a higher level such as state officials.
You would definitely benefit if you can source an educator from your University who is willing to help with your cause, perhaps a Counselor.
Unfortunately sometimes it can take a while to make major changes/pass legislation etc and each case is always different.
I wish you the best of luck in your endeavours and commend you for your efforts. :)

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Reshmi’s Answer

Its great that you are part of a club bringing out awareness on social issues on college campus which is truly commendable.

As you are part of club I assume there are already few members part of it.
Some of the ideas I could think of

a) You could invite a celebrity or a personality to talk about the topic or a club member can give a presentation on the topic
b) You could conduct quizzes or roadshows
c) Have posters in your campus which definitely can create more awareness
d) Organize a fund raising event like a walkathon or a music event in the college so the funds collected go for a social cause
e) Plan student talks on social topics

Most importantly have the buy in/approval from your college authorities before conducting any events.
Wish you all the very best in all your endeavors!