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Fernando Mar 17, 2015 1197 views

How do you address issues on college campuses?

I am part of a club that promotes awareness on sexual assault, domestic violence and gender equality. Was hoping to get ideas/suggestions. #social-work #social #social-change #effective-advocacy

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Param Jan 09, 2019 672 views

Which course is good for becoming a vlogger or blogger

#confused #vlogger #blogger

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kkrishnaprasad Jan 06, 2021 385 views

What are the free online courses available for computer coding?

#career online courses,computer coding

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kkrishnaprasad Jan 01, 2021 425 views

i am in 9th standard my interests are computer coding , cycling, reading which career is most suitable for me

#career #careers

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Dhrumil Jan 16, 2018 476 views

Is it manageable to work part time, pursue a sport and get decent grades in university?

I'll be joining uni soon and I wanted to know if working part-time (about 12-15 hours per week), pursuing a sport(in my case swimming) and achieving good grades is feasible for a student and how much time should I devote to each?