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Career Questions tagged Mindfulness

Jankiell’s Avatar
Jankiell Jun 11, 2021 353 views

How do I begin self-improvement?

I want to become a better person with many hobbies that focuses on growth and stability. I attempted to begin a day with something new but, I begin to feel unmotivated to continue. #support #independent #growth #mindfulness #career

Yash’s Avatar
Yash Nov 09, 2020 906 views

I tend to get distracted very easily. How do I train my mind to steer away from such thoughts and focus on the task at hand?

#mindfulness #focus

Moiz’s Avatar
Moiz Aug 11, 2018 616 views

Upon graduating with a decent engineering degree and working just about enough to pay off the debt, how can one give back to the society?

My mother always emphasized on something - "always leave something better than how you found it". I would like to live up to her model.

#engineering #volunteering #payback #mindfulness #satisfaction #technology #upliftment #scholarship

Shiloh’s Avatar
Shiloh May 10, 2018 470 views

What mindset do you carry with you wherever you are?

Whether at work, school, the store, what mindset do you carry and how do you think having that mindset affects your life and the people around you?
#justwondering #mindfulness #impact

Madeline’s Avatar
Madeline Nov 29, 2017 931 views

Could I get advice from yoga teachers?

Hi fellow yoga teachers! I'm curious to know where you get your inspiration for music? How do you switch up your sequencing? What are your favorite poses? How do you cater to certain groups? What is your favorite flow to teach? Thank you! Maddie #yoga #mindfulness #music...

Gaurang’s Avatar
Gaurang Apr 01, 2017 718 views

Are you willing to take the tisk?

This question is based on your life situations.
Can u survive in this big world and how much are you willing to take the hit