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How do I begin self-improvement?

I want to become a better person with many hobbies that focuses on growth and stability. I attempted to begin a day with something new but, I begin to feel unmotivated to continue. support independent growth mindfulness career

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3 answers

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Jared’s Answer

Great, introspective question, Jankiell! The truth is that all success start with your philosophies, or the way you look at life and what happens "to" you. You can solidify your philosophies with self-improvement. One of the greatest teachings I've learn is from the late great Jim Rohn. You can read about it in detail here ( but in a nutshell:
* You start with your philosophies
* Your philosophies will drive your attitude
* Your attitude will drive your actions
* Your actions will lead to results
* Your results will dictate your lifestyle.
So if there's ever an area that is suffering, you may need to work backwards and re-evaluate the previous layer. If you aren't taking action or the right actions, it's likely your attitude, and if you have the wrong attitude, you likely need to adjust your beliefs or your philosophies.

Take care of yourself. Feed your brain with good books and positive influences (the people around you). One great habit would be to set a goal to read 20 minutes of a great book every day. I highly recommend starting with "Slight Edge" by Jeff Olsen ( Jeff eloquently breaks down how the smallest things, compounded over time, make a massive difference. He, too, is a student of Jim Rohn's.

Motivation is like a shower. You need a little bit every day. Some people are naturally motivated and just wake up knowing that those little habits (reading, exercise, studying, healthy foods, etc.) are non-negotiables. If you're NOT that person, then decide to change that. Commit to being that person for the next 30 days. Things can and will change for you if you decide that you want them to change badly enough.

Just the fact that you're asking this question tells me that you're the kind of person who can and will make the tiny bit of extra effort needed to gain some momentum. Start small and don't overwhelm yourself with huge promises of huge goals that you can't live up to. Start small enough and grow over time to give yourself the confidence that you can and will succeed, and over time you'll find your making bigger, scarier commitments knowing that you have the will to follow through!

I'd say good luck, but it has nothing to do with luck. So, Good work!
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Vivian’s Answer

Hi Jankiel,

It's great that you're focusing on personal growth. There's a great book by James Clear called Atomic Habits that I found very helpful in my journey. It goes through how to achieve your goals through building consistent habits. Essentially, goals are seen as a north star of where you want to go, but having the systems in place help you stay consistent. Focus on the 1% growth, and measure your success in years, not days. The book also talks about four laws of behaviour change. These laws help you create manageable habits that you can stick to.

(1) make it obvious
(2) make it attractive
(3) make it easy
(4) make it satisfying

Finally, I would suggest just starting wherever you are. The small changes you make will slowly accumulate into larger growth over time. Be patient with yourself and enjoy the ride!
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Debbie’s Answer

Set goals with a timeframe and make sure they are realistic and focus on your growth and stability. Stick to the goals that you set and allow yourself some grace if you need more time to reach your goals. Find something that motivates you such as a mindful moment 2 min video or quote that get you motivated each day and doesn't require a lot of time. Good Luck!

Debbie recommends the following next steps:

Google mindful moments and find that music, words or picture that provides motivation