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Mona’s Avatar
Mona Jun 14, 2021 581 views

How is life after High School

I have a bunch of goals that I want to complete just like staying on top of my work, being productive, having more of a schedule than being all over the place but I want to know how life is after high school is it hard? #high-school #college

Xavior’s Avatar
Xavior Jun 14, 2021 535 views

How do I choose a job?

I’m a introvert. I only talk around people I feel comfortable with. #student #job

Justine’s Avatar
Justine Jun 14, 2021 440 views

Can you help me?

I’m almost 18 and I am still kind of confused about what to be in the future but I love helping people. #career #college

Jadan’s Avatar
Jadan Jun 11, 2021 548 views

How can I have a better chance at getting a job, with experience


Jankiell’s Avatar
Jankiell Jun 11, 2021 546 views

How do I begin self-improvement?

I want to become a better person with many hobbies that focuses on growth and stability. I attempted to begin a day with something new but, I begin to feel unmotivated to continue. #support #independent #growth #mindfulness #career

Kalisa’s Avatar
Kalisa Jun 14, 2021 501 views

What is a good way to present yourself when seeking a job? Is there a certain way to dress or speak? What is expected of us?

I am a 16 year old high school student and want to look into different career paths that may interest me. I also want to understand the job process and what is expected of us when seeking a job. #job-search #career #job