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What mindset do you carry with you wherever you are?

Whether at work, school, the store, what mindset do you carry and how do you think having that mindset affects your life and the people around you?
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3 answers

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Austin’s Answer

Hi Shiloh,

This is a really great question. For me personally, I always try to be nice and courteous to everyone that I have an interaction with. My dad always said that it's "nice to be nice to the nice" and it really is true; being nice to people is not only the right thing to do, but opportunities will become available to you and you will be able to do so much more if you are nice to people. When I am in a store, even if the cashier is slow or if their system is down, I always am sure to thank them and smile. Just this past week, I was at a coffee shop and ordered a drink but the cashier was having trouble operating the payment system. I smiled and said it was no problem and waited for her to get the issues resolved. There ended up being an issue with the software and she said that "this drink is on us because you have been so patient and nice". I was nice to her not because I wanted a free drink, but because it was the right thing to do (the free drink was nice though). It is always easier and better to be nice to people than being mean and rude.

Living life is more enjoyable if you're a nice person, turn that frown upside down and smile (you will be better because of it).

I hope this helps!!



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Aravind’s Answer

That is a great question! I try to carry a positive and caring attitude where ever I go because it connects to my nature! It is one of my core values and comes naturally. So I would suggest you- find out what are your core values and what comes naturally for you. Then you notice that you do not have to put in much effort to be. This requires some thinking and preparation. Here are some questions/steps to help you out

1. What are some positive qualities that I already have?
2. Which of these would I love to carry around and would best serve the place and context? (Context here is important - you might be a very happy person but you do not want to show and be happy in a funeral!)
3. Once you have decided which of the qualities, you just have to put an intention to be it, practice it, and make it your own.

Hope this helps!
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Olivia’s Answer

Shiloh, love this question. For me, it's connecting to my values (what's the vision I want for the world, when/how does this drive me to speak up, take risks, create). Some of the values that guide my life and professional choices are: Kindness, creating value for the world/the people around me; being accountable and responsible for my own behavior and actions; adventure; personal relationships; acting with integrity and honesty and challenging myself in new areas. I've been trying to cultivate more self-compassion and patience (it's a journey!).