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destiny’s Avatar
destiny Oct 13, 2022 245 views

How do I end my internship earlier than the discussed date?

How should I end an internship earlier than the previously discussed date? How do say I want to quit professionally? How should I begin the conversation, how should I end it?

Michelle’s Avatar
Michelle Oct 13, 2022 267 views

What are some things I should consider when looking for a college?

If I haven´t decided what I want to study what should I look for in a college before I apply?

J’s Avatar
J Oct 04, 2022 172 views

voice actor

would I need to go to college to be a voice actor?

Eli’s Avatar
Eli Oct 04, 2022 312 views

What to do as a writer?

I have thought about attempting to be a professional writer after high school, what do you suggest, how do you deal with writers block, how do you come up with new and original ideas, how do I properly balance writing and self care?

garett’s Avatar
garett Oct 04, 2022 198 views

what are some high school courses I should do during high school that may help for IT ?

I am a 10th grader in high school and I asking what high school tech I should do.

Nykeria’s Avatar
Nykeria Sep 26, 2022 383 views

What can I do to gain more confidence in my answers?

Try not to over think or doubt yourself because 9 times out of 10 the first answer was the right one.

Leo’s Avatar
Leo Sep 27, 2022 126 views

What does it take to further in success?

How long did it take for you to get where you are now?

Vincent’s Avatar
Vincent Sep 27, 2022 162 views

What's after high school?

What is the best way to be prepared for college and even further be prepared for my career in the future? What responsibility will I have when I become an adult?

Teddy’s Avatar
Teddy Sep 27, 2022 174 views

Where can I find people who will help me achieve my goals?

life advice, college, career, and finance.

Iris’s Avatar
Iris Sep 27, 2022 161 views

How do you know if your job is the right choice for you?

Do you ever get bored of it or do you ever regret choosing it as a career.

Austin’s Avatar
Austin Sep 29, 2022 230 views

how to be a military chef?

How hard is it for someone with autism to become a military chef, and how long would it take to acheive that goal?

jose’s Avatar
jose Sep 29, 2022 235 views

how do I make 100k plus every month?

how do I make millions I want to make insane amounts of money per month 100k plus

kevin’s Avatar
kevin Sep 28, 2022 107 views

What is a good age to start a career?


Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Sep 27, 2022 190 views

How to keep pursuing your dreams when you know they might not work out?

When you are not confident in something how do you keep pushing through

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Sep 27, 2022 172 views

How do you know you have made it in life?

What is the fine line of a successful life how do you know?