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What jobs relate to the field of international relations/development?

I am currently working towards an undergraduate degree in international development/globalization with a minor in political science at the University of Ottawa. While I am very interested and inspired by the content I have been learning, I am not sure exactly what I want to specialize in when it comes time to apply for my masters degree and search for job experience.
Are my only job prospects working in politics or working for an NGO? Money isn't a major priority for me, I just want to help people who are exploited by the international system, therefore working in politics (for "the system") almost seems like it goes against my values. If I worked in politics, I would want the freedom to make a difference in the field, not to be a slave to it.

In sum: Are there any job positions in the political field that may provide me with a sense of independence so that I can make a difference rather than work for the system we already have in place? And are there any jobs outside of the political field that can provide me with a means to make a difference internationally, while still providing me with a minimum sense of employment security? international political-science politics masters-degree international-relations human-rights international-development globalization

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2 answers

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Shalini’s Answer

Hi Darcie! I have been in the field of philanthropy for many years, mostly focused internationally. Understanding global geopolitics is necessary to contextualize how philanthropy can be effective, and what the systems are that create inequality and human rights abuses. I would advise that whatever you decide, having some experience living abroad and working in different contexts, knowing other languages, understanding other cultures will be essential to getting a reasonably good job with International Relations. Some people I know have gone into the Peace Corps to get that experience. Jobs in any field that builds on international relations are not very many and the competition is fierce. With international relations and political science, you can also get into research entities. There are new fields emerging all the time, so I would suggest you do some spadework to see what is out there.

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Murad’s Answer

I would recommend for you to target the NGOs, as the understanding of political aspects that influences the international business will be very helpful for you to perform better in your career. As for the development of your future career I recommend for you to target the consultancy companies in the field of merger and acquisition and strategic alliance.

Good luck