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How do you get started in the human rights/international relations field?

I am a recent college grad. I double majored in Media Communications and Political Science. All of my internships are in media communications so I don’t have work experience.#humanrights #internationalrelations

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2 answers

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Jason’s Answer

Hi Monica, I too choose the Political Science/International Relations career path. A lot of entry level roles in humanitarian organizations revolve around grants and funding so communication is an important asset. You should have a good sense of how the world works and where the greatest resource scarcity and conflicts exist, which is important. Some organizations like my own have social impact teams that use corporate resources to help others in need so include social impact and ESG roles in your searches.

Jason recommends the following next steps:

Determine whether your interest in human rights is local to your communities or global
Search for Social Impact and ESG roles alongside those in human rights organizations
Use your cover letter for roles to really explain your interests and how communications/messaging is vital
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Cameryn’s Answer

Hi Monica,

Your experience in media communications could be a very valuable to a human rights organization as many human rights organization need to spread the message about the work they are doing in a strategic way. I would suggest that you research which human rights organizations are hiring in marketing or public relations and see what skillsets they are looking for. You may find that the skills you gained in your internships can translate directly to a full time position.

Here is a LinkedIn group for jobs in non-profits:

Cameryn recommends the following next steps:

Research job openings in human rights organizations.
Tailor your resume to skills outlined in those job descriptions based on your previous experience.
Thank you comment icon Thank You! Monica C.