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I intend to study political science in college

What is one thing you wish you knew before taking this course? Thank you! #college #college-major #politicalscience

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3 answers

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Amritha’s Answer

Hi Connie,

Fascinating question. One thing I wish I knew before going into PoliSci/IR is the area in which I want to make the most impact in.

PoliSci is strong yet demanding in the areas of change, what I mean by this is that it would make things much easier if you focused your niche or understanding on a particular trend/issue/region during university.

By doing so, you would be able to;
1. Understand the impact and where you want to place yourself (career-wise) upon graduating ( Corporate, NGO/NPO, Think Tanks, Government)
2. You will be able to study at a university that specializes in the given niche ( FAFSA offers loans to students wanting to study outside of the US-which is what I did)
3. You would be able to offer updated and current affairs solutions based on your educated expertise and would be paid generously.

Thank you so much for your insights! I really appreciate it! Connie T.

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Lennon’s Answer

Hey Connie!

Great question. One thing that I am glad I knew before studying political science in college is that it's important to find a way to study something that helps you to understand the general landscape and develop your critical thinking in your interest areas within political science. I'm a dual major student in Business Administration and Philosophy, Politics, and Law. Originally, I though instead of PPL, I would take the more general political science. But if you can find a university that allows you take a major within the social sciences that helps you to look at political science critically, it will be a great way to get your wheels turning. For example, in my PPL degree, I am able to study political science more generally, but also take courses that force me critically think about political science issues through the lens of philosophical analysis. It's been a very enriching approach for. Hope this helps!

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Quinci’s Answer

When I first took a political science class I wish I would of registered earlier for it because the class was completely full and had a long wait list so I didn’t get a seat that semester. So my point is to make sure you register early for political science class because it fills up fast.

Thank you for your answer! I will definitely keep that in mind! Connie T.