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Management Occupations - Construction and Extraction Occupations
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max’s Avatar
max Dec 10, 2023 292 views

how would it be if i would want to contribute in the career path of a construction worker?

i am in 10 grade love to build thing i have all b on my report card

Hunter’s Avatar
Hunter Jul 11, 2023 324 views

Advice for construction?

What advice could i get for going into the construction industry?

Gabriel’s Avatar
Gabriel May 23, 2023 257 views

whats the max i get paid for construction ?

i have kids

Lilian’s Avatar
Lilian Feb 28, 2023 544 views

Is it difficult to find a good job as a commercial estimator?

Is it difficult to find a good job as a commercial estimator?

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Jan 31, 2023 565 views

What values does your company look for in a person they are hiring?

Looking for welding jobs

Keaton’s Avatar
Keaton Jan 27, 2023 635 views

What is the best field to work in when trying to become a welder?

My name is Keaton I'm from Rock Hill, and I'm hoping to become a welder when I get out of school but I'm wondering which field of work is the most enjoyable, and the most rewarding when becoming a welder.

joshua’s Avatar
joshua Jan 26, 2023 514 views

How helpful is being an apprentice as a electrician ?

How long is apprenticeship for most electricians.

Roel’s Avatar
Roel Jan 24, 2023 443 views

Is construction tiring or sometimes it gets dull?

Has construction taken a toll or sometimes do you regret this career, or is it rewarding?

Adrian’s Avatar
Adrian Dec 13, 2022 587 views

Is there an easy way to become a good construction engineer?

Is there any mistakes you made so I could be aware of?

Jakob’s Avatar
Jakob Dec 05, 2022 453 views

what type of tools would i need for construction management?

Hi im a san jose job corps student and im currently about to start training for these careers

caleb’s Avatar
caleb Nov 01, 2022 392 views


What should I expect going into construction?

James’s Avatar
James May 03, 2022 781 views

How many years of experience is required to become a construction manager?

I like to give instructions and help people.

Darien’s Avatar
Darien May 03, 2022 421 views

How far can you go in cement?

Is there a lot of schooling in cement?

Darien’s Avatar
Darien May 03, 2022 416 views

Does it require critical thinking to work in cement?

Is cement more physical, or do you have to use your brain?

Zayde’s Avatar
Zayde Nov 01, 2021 489 views

How do I figure out what I should do

I’m a hard worker, andI could do many things. #sports #athletic #mechanic #construction #beingactive