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As a high school senior, I would like to start my tech newsletter should I do it?

In 2022, I saw a video on YouTube about a guy who created an app like Fiverr, but just for developers. It was called CoffeeDev, and I really liked the idea. A few months later, I made a Discord server with the same name, thinking I could turn it into something big. But I got too busy with school and other stuff. In 2023, I decided to try again, but this time I wanted to make CoffeeDev a newsletter for students who are into tech stuff. I tried to get the domain, but it was taken. So, I found and made a simple website for the newsletter. But it didn't work out well because I didn't know much about newsletters and the website was slow. Now, in 2024, I'm ready to give it another shot. I want to make CoffeeDev a newsletter made by students, for students who love tech. It's going to have tips, tricks, and cool stuff to help us learn and grow together. "Blank" is the name of our newsletter. It's for developers of all levels, from beginners to pros. Written by students like us, it'll be full of helpful stuff to keep us on top of our game. "Blank" would be a newsletter that I'll send every Saturday morning. it will include coding tutorials, career advice, project showcases, interviews with industry professionals, or even fun tech-related content. Comment: Multiple people mention Researching Newsletter Platforms like Substack, Mailchimp, or Revue by Twitter, and advised on the importance of having a website. To kickstart this, I'll secure a .net domain initially, deferring the purchase of the .com domain until I have the necessary funds, considering it's priced at $3000. As for the newsletter platform, I'll begin with Beehiiv, which offers website-building capabilities. While I develop a custom website for the newsletter, Beehiiv will serve as the temporary platform, primarily for sending out newsletters. Inspired by Ericlamideas YouTube video on building a powerful newsletter (, I plan to integrate multiple APIs to enhance the functionality of the website. These APIs include Next.js for dynamic web applications, Tailwind for streamlined UI development, Sanity for content management, Beehiiv for newsletter management, Sparkloop for audience growth, Stripe for payment processing, Firebase for backend infrastructure, Calendly for scheduling, and Teachable for online courses. This integration will ensure a robust and versatile platform for delivering engaging content and services to subscribers.

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