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What are the benefits of working in the computer industry?

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9 answers

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Vikas’s Answer

Computer industry is broad and hence I will specifically answer for software industry which is huge in itself.

  1. There are lots of jobs in this field and the money is extremely good
  2. Most employers allow you to work from home which is convenient sometimes
  3. Experimentation is cheap when it comes to software. All you need is a laptop and wifi
  4. There is a lot of scope to build stuff and see it come to life. From creating web-sites to mobile apps you can build a whole bunch of things using software.
  5. As the world is becoming more and more tech focused, working in an industry that is at the heart of it is a good thing from a relevancy standpoint
  6. You can work on multiple industries as your general skill set in computers and software can be transferred easily

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Dana’s Answer

Hi Stanley,

There are many. Here are a few significant ones that have always stood out for me:

  1. Opportunities are endless: this is a field where you can find work in just about any industry, particularly if you pursue software development. We use software in entertainment, gaming, business, education, medical, commerce, communications - its everywhere. Jobs are always in high demand and the pay is great.
  2. Continued learning and growth: There are countless levers for continued learning and growth. In addition to move between industries along your career path, there are many different areas and progressions within software development for you to also evolve into as you gain experience.
  3. Impact: You can select projects, industries, etc you are passionate about, knowing the software you develop is being used - sometimes at massive scale - and for a wide spectrum. At Twilio, our platform is used by non profit agencies, medical applications, private business, any application that requires communication channels with its audience.

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Vuk’s Answer

Dynamic environment

Lot of learning will keep you current.

Lot of jobs in present and future.

Challenging sometimes, but rewarding.

Flexibility to work from home in some cases.

Good salary.

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debra’s Answer

I love that we create things that make a difference in the world. We have seen some amazing examples of our customers using our products to help make people’s lives better which is a wonderful feeling.

Technology is always changing. It is a great field for constant learning. I have never felt static, bored or not challenged.

There is a wide range of job opportunities. You can spend time focused very specifically on technology (SW or HW development), or take on management of teams or program management, or a customer focus with Product Management or solutions, and many of the business leads started off with an engineering background. You can change between these areas over your career adjusting to your changing interests over time.

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M’s Answer

Option of Working from home is the biggest advantage available for software engineers during this Covid-19 situation.

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Nqabutho’s Answer

  • Overall better remuneration
  • Most jobs in the field are exciting
  • You can work autonomously (most of the time)
  • You can work from home
  • There's always something new to learn
  • You will always feel challenged

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Sadaf’s Answer

It is very high demanding and as the technology is growing,there will be lots of job opportunity for graduates.

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Ateeb’s Answer

1. An industry that tries to reinvent itself constantly
2. Flexible working conditions, like work from home or travel depending on the nature of the job
3. New disciplines created from advancements, eg: Networking to Software Defined Networking

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G. Mark’s Answer

Enjoyment, a feeling of accomplishment, money, a skillset with a multitude of applications and businesses, an opportunity to branch out into related fields, and a high probability of employment. Other than that, not much.