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What does the computer science career entail?

Asked Virginia, Virginia

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Ken’s Answer

Updated Cleveland, Ohio

Congratulations on being interested in finding the right career to follow.. It takes a special person to enter into a specific career field and meet the demands which that career area presents. The first step is to get to know yourself to see if you share the personality traits which make one successful in that area. The next step is doing networking to meet and talk to and possibly shadow people doing what you might think that you want to do to see if this is something that you really want to do, as a career area could look much different on the inside than it looks from the outside.  When I was doing college recruiting, I encountered too many students, who skipped these important steps, and ended up in a career/job for which they were ill suited.

Ken recommends the following next steps:

  • The first step is to take an interest and aptitude test and have it interpreted by your school counselor to see if you share the personality traits necessary to enter the field. You might want to do this again upon entry into college, as the interpretation might differ slightly due to the course offering of the school. However, do not wait until entering college, as the information from the test will help to determine the courses that you take in high school. Too many students, due to poor planning, end up paying for courses in college which they could have taken for free in high school.
  • Next, when you have the results of the testing, talk to the person at your high school and college who tracks and works with graduates to arrange to talk to, visit, and possibly shadow people doing what you think that you might want to do, so that you can get know what they are doing and how they got there. Here are some tips: ## http://www.wikihow.com/Network ## ## https://www.themuse.com/advice/nonawkward-ways-to-start-and-end-networking-conversations ## ## https://www.themuse.com/advice/4-questions-to-ask-your-network-besides-can-you-get-me-a-job?ref=carousel-slide-1 ##
  • Locate and attend meetings of professional associations to which people who are doing what you think that you want to do belong, so that you can get their advice. These associations may offer or know of intern, coop, shadowing, and scholarship opportunities. These associations are the means whereby the professionals keep abreast of their career area following college and advance in their career. You can locate them by asking your school academic advisor, favorite teachers, and the reference librarian at your local library. Here are some tips: ## https://www.careeronestop.org/BusinessCenter/Toolkit/find-professional-associations.aspx?&frd=true ## ## https://www.themuse.com/advice/9-tips-for-navigating-your-first-networking-event ##
  • It is very important to express your appreciation to those who help you along the way to be able to continue to receive helpful information and to create important networking contacts along the way. Here are some good tips: ## https://www.themuse.com/advice/the-informational-interview-thank-you-note-smart-people-know-to-send?ref=recently-published-2 ## ## https://www.themuse.com/advice/3-tips-for-writing-a-thank-you-note-thatll-make-you-look-like-the-best-candidate-alive?bsft_eid=7e230cba-a92f-4ec7-8ca3-2f50c8fc9c3c&bsft_pid=d08b95c2-bc8f-4eae-8618-d0826841a284&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=daily_20171020&utm_source=blueshift&utm_content=daily_20171020&bsft_clkid=edfe52ae-9e40-4d90-8e6a-e0bb76116570&bsft_uid=54658fa1-0090-41fd-b88c-20a86c513a6c&bsft_mid=214115cb-cca2-4aec-aa86-92a31d371185&bsft_pp=2 ##

Jaikumar’s Answer

Updated Houston, Texas

Hello Laniece:

I graduated with a degree in Comp Science may years ago. And yes, the field has evolved extensively since then. I started my career as an Quality analyst testing the software applications my team was creating. Later I joined a team where I was enhancing existing applications. Soon after I started developing (design and coding) state of art internet, mobile and speech driven applications. With extensive experience in developing application I then started managing teams of developers, testers and Business Analysts (they build requirements of what needs to be built in the software) and developing larger projects. Today I manage several projects at program level and manage teams across the globe. As you can see you can shape your career in the technology space as you see fit. Once you develop basic understanding of building applications like programming languages, databases, software design etc in school, then you build on that in the professional world and help solve business challenges and find technical solutions to help them reduce cost and increase revenue.

Programming languages have evolved over time but once you learn a few, you can adopt and learn others. It is actually a fun career since you get to learn to create and develop new software solutions in so many different platforms(like internet, mobile, speech driven apps) and continue to learn and grow as a professional. You set your pace of growth and areas you want to grow in. At some point in the future I would recommend looking into an MBA or MS to extend your business and technical skills depending on your preference and grow as a Manager, Director, CIO or even a Partner in a firm if you go the consulting route.

Today computer science grads are needed everywhere from technology companies to media, entertainment, industrial, cosmetics industries etc and the graduates are in high demand. I hope you take this challenge and look into Computer Science as your career. Yes it is challenging initially, but once you understand how you everything fits together you will have fun building applications and growing in this career. Good luck

Jaikumar recommends the following next steps:

  • Go to colleges during their visit days and meet the students and professors of Computer Science program. Ask them these questions and look at what they have to offer. Find the college that you feel provides you what you are looking for.
  • Take a Comp Sci class in high school and experience it.

George’s Answer

Updated Round Rock, Texas

A career in computer science can help you achieve a variety of career paths, I have listed a few to give you an idea of the wide spectrum of careers available.

  • Software Engineer
  • Web developer
  • Software Architect
  • Network Admin
  • Business Analyst

Computer science jobs are in high demand across many industries, which provides flexibility on what you ultimately choose as your career path. As a society, we are continuously working on new ways to leverage technology to improve our day to day lives and as a result the career outlook for tech jobs is very positive.

If you have a passion for all things tech, I would encourage you to continue to explore a career in computer science.

George recommends the following next steps:

  • Research potential computer science careers in further detail, and determine if they meet your interest.

Joe’s Answer


A computer science career has several avenues (Computer Programmer, Hardware Engineer, Software Developer, Web Developer, IT Architect, Systems Analyst, Information Researcher, etc.). Many of these overlap in different areas. Find the one that you enjoy most, and follow that path.

Joe recommends the following next steps:

  • Take some online courses to get an understanding of what all these mean, and will help you decide on a direction.