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I am thinking about being a therapist but i am worried 7-15 years of college wont be worth it

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2 answers

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Kim’s Answer

Worth the time, or worth the money?

If I understand, you want to be a psychological therapist, working with patients who have severe mental health issues? I recommend you approach it incrementally. There are lots of therapy-related occupations that do not require that level of education. These are more in the social work field - working with patients who abuse drugs, who are in bad family situations, etc. Try to get some hands on experience early in your career, even if it means volunteering. Be certain this is your calling before going forward with the investment of time and money.

Incrementally: Get your bachelors. Get a job somewhere that has tuition assistance. Consider a stint in the military. You don't have to go straight from HS to PhD with no break in between! Get some real life experience. It is often worth more than the degree.

Don't try to plan your whole life in one step. Things change. Opportunities come knocking. Take time to evaluate them, even if they aren't part of your plan.

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G. Mark’s Answer

You need to reframe your thinking. If your aim is to find a profession that will give you money, that won't necessarily make you happy. If a profession is something you really want to do, who cares? Do it. If you think that you'll lose interest if it takes too long to do it, you can either give it a shot and quit and move onto something else, or you can just try something that will make you happy. There are probably no tombstones around with the inscription, "He was miserable, but look at all this money he left!" It sounds cheesy, but sometimes you really have to "follow your heart".