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What is it like to be an art therapist

I am a senior in High School interested in art therapy and would like to dig deeper in this career. art artist therapy psychology

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Priya’s Answer

Hi! I am a therapist and not an art therapist, but I was very interested in art therapy so I hope this helps! It seems like, in my state, art therapists typically take classes in both art and psychology. There is an art therapy degree that you can pursue in graduate school. You may need to look up what your state requires for art therapy. Art therapists seem to have their own techniques when it comes to therapy, and do practicums with other art therapists to enhance their skills. Try youtubing some videos or sample art therapy techniques! I think art therapy is really fascinating and helpful for many people, so I wish you luck in your journey! If there are any art therapist locations in your area, perhaps setting up a visit and talking one-on-one with an art therapist can give you more information! I am currently a general therapist who has learned expressive arts techniques, meaning I can bring in creative methods within my work--but it differs from the methods art therapists would use. So this is also an option as well =). Good luck!