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Is it possible If i become bachelor of engineering in information technology and then i give exam of the remaining subjects of computer engineering which is not in information technology and then becoming bachelor of engineering in both computer engineering and information engineering.

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2 answers

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Rathin’s Answer

Hi Mitul,

I don't think in India any college offers that or will allow you to enroll into two different degree programs at the same time even though the course curriculum are pretty much same. Depending on the university, some may allow degree with two streams. You can have as many degrees as you want but not all at same time. Additionally, if you end up with two bachelor’s degrees, that's won’t necessarily give you a significant advantage for jobs beyond entry level at the beginning, although you may have an edge in terms of job possibilities. You can always pursue one degree first which interest you the most and do some specialization on the other after your graduation. All the best!

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Nikhil’s Answer

In Indian curriculum you cant really do that. CSE & IT are two different streams . But good part is , you have identical subjects throughout your course (50-60%) .
So you need to be very careful while opting for a stream (IT or CSE)

Note: Both has similar future :)