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Is life going to be harder or easier.

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7 answers

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Caryn’s Answer

What a profound question, Kelly! And of course with all profound questions, there is no easy/straightforward answer. Life is a fluid journey, with hills and valleys. One day, you can feel happy, satisfied and confident, and the next, you can feel sad and insecure. And as you get older, you experience more complicated challenges that aren't always easily resolved. Regardless of how old you are, or what you experience in life, what has always worked well for me is 1) putting all of my experiences in perspective (i.e., is this situation really that bad, compared to what other people are going through?) and 2) understanding that my own reaction to something factors into the equation - remember that life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it.

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Stavan’s Answer

Based on my experience… we should take life the way it is and the way it unfolds to us, My personal experience says that leading balanced life in terms of material needs and spiritual fulfillment makes life more meaningful. Do meditation and experience the inner beauty of life in terms of how it unfolds. All the best.

Stavan recommends the following next steps:

try to explore heartfulness institute and learn how to meditate.
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Vishnupriya’s Answer

Hello Kelly,

Hope you are doing good. Whatever life may be its on us how we react. Take it easy as nothing is permanent !

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Ravi Kumar’s Answer

Hi Kelly,

Nice thoughtful question , but no one can predict the future and can have a correct answer to this . What i will suggest is that stop worrying about the future and spent time on your present . Your doing in present will mostly define your life's future and mostly it is in your hand to make your life harder and easier . Be ready for whatever comes to you in your future and deal with it with positive attitude .

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Stacy’s Answer

Hello Kelly, how are you?

To answer your question, life is tricky all the time. Many people are able to find strength they never thought they had and solve tough situations, while others sometimes may feel that situations are too big to overcome. The best thing that you can do as you grow up is to grow tough skin and think about what makes you happy, and how can you overcome negative situations, people, feelings or ideas.

I also feel that making choices that make me happy, whether they give me a good or bad outcome, have been choices that I do not regret. This mindset has personally made my life easier because, whenever I hit a dead end, I quickly think of what can I do differently and how I can improve in life.

Hope that I was able to provide you with an answer that gives you a good idea of adulthood. xoxo

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Aman’s Answer


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Kim’s Answer


Life, in general, gets more complicated, but, you will develop the skills to cope, so, in that regard, it gets easier! Once you are out of school, the popularity-contest game starts to fade away, really fast. One less concern!

You will make decisions on where to live, what furniture/car to buy, who to trust, etc. We ALL make mistakes. We all trip. We all fall. The key is to get back up. Don't be misled by the social media platforms, where people are constantly flaunting how great their lives are. They aren't any greater than yours or mine. They often suffer in silence. It is important to develop friends/relatives who you can REALLY talk to, who will listen without judgment, and, while being supportive, will tell you the truth. In the world of social media "friends," there are too many people who will always side with you. You need someone who is willing to tell you - "hey, you screwed up. you need to fix it. Here's some ideas. . . "

Find a way to deal with stress. Stress will destroy you. You have to learn to let it go. Not always easy. Physical exertion is usually best. For lesser stress, it could be gaming, doodling, whatever. At one point in my life, while working customer service, I finally learned this: Every day, you will encounter a nice person and a total jerk. It's the one you choose to "keep with you" that determines how your day will go.

Basically, it's simply a matter of half full/half empty. Look for the good. There's plenty of it out there!