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How do I make sure i'm not forgotten?

Asked Denver, Colorado

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Joshua A.’s Answer

Updated Chicago, Illinois


This is a great question. Short answer: have your own personal point of view on everything. You're going to meet many people, especially in a college environment, who regurgitate information other individuals have said. Your biggest strength will always be your unique self, so never be shy or afraid to think differently or outside of the box. People will remember you for this.

I'm a coach and trainer by trade and I have the opportunity to help hundreds of individuals on their businesses every year. This would never of happened if I wasn't afraid to express my views and stick to what I believed to be true.

Joshua A. recommends the following next steps:

  • Read articles on your favorite topics, but choose several different sources, (i.e. six different articles on the same subject or topic.) You must learn other points of view in order for you to make a decision on how you think and feel.

Mr. Ernst’s Answer

Updated Newark, New Jersey


Write everything that has some great importance to you and combine it with the history of the world which you live in. Take your time in distraction free moments and compose drafts which you will eventually fix up and have them put into a collection of information. Look for small time publishing companies usually upstarts are the best. Take all your time, energy and strength and follow the guidelines to have your written thoughts put out to the world. 1000s of years later someone with the same feelings and thought patterns like yourself will begin researching reading materials and will come across your published thoughts and begin to advertise it to their circles and your name, essence and personality will be kept alive. I wish you the best on your journey.