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Why aren't there more high school programs centered around promoting Historically Black Colleges and Universities?

Growing up I had no idea about the labels "Predominantly White Institutions(PWIs) and Historically Black Colleges and Universities". My first time being exposed to HBCU's was in a somewhat negative light. These institutions provide quality programs and diversities just like any other institution but High schools lack information on these programs unless a professional staff member has had the pleasure to attend one and pass their experience on to the students. North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University has one of the top engineering programs in the country, Howard University has an esteemed medical school, and North Carolina Central University has a prestigious law school, but there are a lot of students that are unaware of these opportunities because they are not encouraged to expand their research.
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2 answers

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Anchalee’s Answer

Hi Alexis! I AM AN HBCU alumni and so proud if it but I had no clue what an HBCU was until I actually was a student at one.

I agree that there should be more promotion around HBCUs. Attending one is a truly invaluable experience. I do know that HBCUs were a little behind the curve as it relates to recruitment so where you would often see your popular PWIs at college fairs, HBCUs weren't represented.

There are quite a few non profit organizations that offer HBCU college tours for high school seniors to have exposure into their options. I would say that you should see more of the HBCUs are they have created more positions and larger budgets for recruitment and advertising. Their programs have become better and you'll see targeted recruitment...for example, I attended Fayetteville State University and our nursing program has phenomenal nurse exam passing rates compared to other schools in the state.

Great point in recognizing this need. I'd recommend talking to your school administration to ensure they reach out to HBCUs near you for representation in the future.

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Jeremy’s Answer

Hello Alexis! I am a current student at Prairie View A&M University, a HBCU in Texas. I must admit that I agree, there is a lack of information regarding the benefits of attending a HBCU. Most of the time, Historically Black Colleges and Universities are given negative connotations, however these universities produce the most of our African American doctors, engineers, dentists, educators, and overall professionals. If you want more information, or you are looking for people to partner in spreading awareness I would look to the Black Greek Lettered Organizations, Divine 9, as they are charged with spreading awareness about HBCU impacts. Lastly, I suggest you spread the word among your friends. This will allow you to learn more while you teach others.