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How flexible are career choices if I have a degree in Biomedical Sciences?

I am certain that Imwould like to enter a career in Biology and Medicine, but I'm not exactly sure of precisely what I want to do. Are there many career option if I choose this path? #biology #stem #biotechnology #biochemistry #molecular-biology #big-data

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pankaj’s Answer

Are you interested in biomedical science careers? If you are looking for an interesting field of study that remains largely unexplored and esoteric, then this is it! For though there is much hullabaloo about biomedical engineering in India, the study of biomedical science itself remains a rarity. It refers to the natural and life sciences applied domain, and is used for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of various human diseases. Related streams include pathology, human biology, cell and molecular biology, biomedical engineering, genetics, epidemiology, immunology, pharmacology, clinical, or applied chemistry.

This is a highly dynamic and ever-changing study program that gives the students the chance to become a part of exciting developments in the field of modern medicine. However, it will be wrong to consider it as an alternative to the study of medicine.

he main work of biomedical scientists lies within the laboratory. They handle different biological samples, such as tissues, cells, blood with the help of pipettes, beakers, and test tubes, along with high-tech equipment and computers. Common responsibilities and the job profile of biomedical scientists are the following:

Screening and testing of lifestyle diseases, such as cardiovascular issues, cancer, and diabetes, along with screening for Ebola, rubella, hepatitis, and other infectious diseases
Development, discovery of treatments like medicines or drugs as therapeutic agents and vaccines as preventive measures
Understanding, investigating disease progression, profile, and mechanisms
Finding innovative, new, and effective means of disease detection, such as new biomarker discovery
Once you complete the related courses successfully, you can land various job roles, based upon your qualification. Absorption is possible in bioinstrumentation, pharmaceuticals, medical imaging, drug design, delivery, scientific R&D, health care, hospitals, medical equipment supply, and manufacture. With a good medical science degree, you may even gain a fast track entry into a medical college and start studying to be a doctor, in spite of having failed at the medical entrance examination before.