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What career would I go into if I wanted to cure cancer or help make medicine that would cure other diseases?

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I am interested in a career in Biology and have always dreamed of curing cancer or some other deadly disease. #biochemistry #social-media #molecular-biology #cell-biology

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Stephanie’s Answer


Becoming a micro biologist or a chemist is a great way to help research disease pathology or to work on pharmaceuticals or other treatments or cures for disease. By getting a degree and working in a lab, hospital, pharmacy to learn more about the healthcare industry and disease states, and then applying to a grad school program (masters or PhD) is a great way to put yourself on a path to get a really good research job or in house position as an R&D specialist at a pharma or device company. Volunteering for a lab, working as a pharm tech, or helping organize an event with proceeds going to medical research are great ways to meet valuable connections and to learn more about the industry.