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Jadyn B. May 09, 2018 202 views

What classes can I take during my senior year that will help me progress in a biomedical field.

I have finished most of my required classes in high school. I want to know what classes will be most beneficial for me to take my senior year, besides AP classes that count as prerequisites. I want to spend the least amount of time in college and still get my biomedical engineer degree....

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Sydney K. Jan 23, 2018 202 views

What advice would you give a female student interested in pursuing a career in chemistry?

I have grow up in an agricultural community, and I know how important it is for many of the small scale farmers to use agricultural chemicals. I want to help make these chemicals safer for them to use. #chemistry...


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Lily H. Jan 20, 2018 335 views

Where are the best places for conducting scientific research?

I hope to enter the field (likely along the lines of genetic or cellular/molecular biology research) after college; however, I know that tons of others are hoping to do the same. I have also heard that scientific research is being less and less funded in the United States. With that reality...

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