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Where are the best places for conducting scientific research?

Updated Logan, Utah

I hope to enter the field (likely along the lines of genetic or cellular/molecular biology research) after college; however, I know that tons of others are hoping to do the same. I have also heard that scientific research is being less and less funded in the United States. With that reality looming over my head, I'm already worrying about if I'll get a position that I will enjoy and be able to survive financially with- and I'm only a freshman! Are there particular areas of the country where it's easier to make it as a researcher? Or are there other parts of the world I could set my sights on?

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3 answers

Anuja’s Answer

Updated Boston, Massachusetts

There are still so many options for researchers here - universities, hospitals, biotech, pharma, independent research entities. I'm not a researchers, I'm on the administrative side of securing funding and have not seen it decrease. Cambridge, MA is full of these opportunities, especially for those starting out. There are many fellowship opportunities too.

Jacob’s Answer

Updated San Antonio, Texas
I believe that American still is one of the best places to be as far as universities and research go. It's not as good when certain politicians are in office as when others are, and that's just how it is, but we still have a large amount of funding compared to many places and we have some of the best universities you will find in the world. Do you have any other place you would like to be though? There is nothing wrong with that either.
Thank you for answering! There isn't really somewhere specific I had in mind, I just like the idea of being open to working wherever I find a good opportunity, and I know it's probably more realistic to assume some places have more good opportunities than others.
You are definitely correct, and I am actually in the process of securing a visiting scientist position in Europe. I hope it works out because it would be a lot of fun and a great opportunity to publish articles. I was speaking with one of the professors who is helping me and a topic we spoke about was that it is not totally ideal that political trends and whims influence scientific funding and ultimately progress. You should pursue all available avenues, and look for professors who are publishing research you are highly interested in and contact them. If you haven’t already go to the website researchgate.net because you can network with professors and students doing research and stay up to date on your topics of interest. Best wishes.

Amber’s Answer

Updated Phoenix, Arizona

Some sites that I have heard of that offer the highest level of credibility are the following:

Google Scholar, CiteSeer, Directory of Open Access Journals, and Science & Technology of Advanced Materials. These sites are shown on a web page www.emergingtech.com and speak to how trusted the search engines are for scientific research.