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What classes can I take during my senior year that will help me progress in a biomedical field.

Updated Logan, Utah

I have finished most of my required classes in high school. I want to know what classes will be most beneficial for me to take my senior year, besides AP classes that count as prerequisites. I want to spend the least amount of time in college and still get my biomedical engineer degree. #women-in-science #biomedical #medicine #biology #healthcare #senior-year

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Marlika’s Answer

Updated Atlanta, Georgia

When I graduated from high school, I enrolled into a Math course at a local college for the summer so that I would get exposure to college curriculum and transfer credits. In hindsight, I would have taken a Math and possibly an elective like psychology or sociology to get it out of the way. Doing this freed up room for major courses and I didn't have to spend an extra semester or year in school. It actually placed me a semester ahead and my last semester I only took 12 hrs so it gave me a chance to go on interviews, etc.

If you can in high school, take upper level Sciences and Math courses such as Statistics, Calculus, Anatomy & Physiology, Physics or even Chemistry. This will give you exposure to courses that you will have to take in College. During both my undergraduate and graduate matriculations, I always took the fast track by taken the max amount of courses I could take (undergrad-17-18 hrs and grad-9-12 hrs). I took some courses in summer school mini-sessions and also always had an internship/summer program for my CV. This exposes you to high rigor and sets you up for graduate school. I wish you the best of luck. I know that you will do well. :-)