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Should I major in Biochem with Biology or just Molecular biology?

I want to be a genetic counselor. Biochemistry with Biology is definitely the harder of the two majors, and I am concerned about pushing myself too much. But, it has more of the classes I'm interested in. However, I am more interested in the biology side and I don't want to take six hard chemistry classes and labs if I don't have to. #biology #biochemistry #molecular-biology #college-major #college #college-advice

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3 answers

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Amber’s Answer

As Aaron mentioned previously, if you're more interested in the biology side, then definitely look into schools that offer Biology with a Molecular focus. You may even be able to minor in biochemistry if you'd like. I got my MS in Genetic Counseling about 10 years ago and has a BS in Biology going in - biochem was not a pre-requisite for most of the programs that I applied to (it was for one program, so I waited another year and took Biochem I and Biochem II after graduation and before applying to grad school), but you may want to do some research on what different GC grad schools might require. I did have to take a certain amount of psychology classes as pre-req for grad school, so make sure to save some room for those credits as well!

Amber recommends the following next steps:

A lot of genetic counseling graduate programs now also require you to shadow a genetic counselor (at the very least, it looks good on your application) - you should contact genetic counselors or genetics clinics in your area to see if any of them would be willing to take on an undergrad student shadow during your junior or senior year (although you could do it sooner, too).

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Aaron’s Answer

A lot of Universities offer Biology with a Molecular focus. I would recommend looking into that as it cuts back on deep Chemistry requirements but does often have you take more Biochem bridging courses instead.

Goodluck out there!

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Richard’s Answer

You should thoroughly evaluate both of the options you are considering. I would recommend speaking to industry professionals to see their take; they can provide the latest updates in the field in addition to where each of the majors you are considering would fit in.