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What has been one of the most difficult problems you have encountered in your career as a biologist and how did you solve it?

I want to know how a biologist tackles a difficult problem in his/her work. #biology #marine-biology #biotechnology #biochemistry #molecular-biology #bioinformatics

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Raquel’s Answer

Hello Nat,

I know this was asked a while ago, but hopefully my answer will still help you.

A persistent problem I have found as a Biologist is in fact deciding your career path. You have a lot of choices, from becoming a field Biologist or a laboratory Scientist to teaching Biology to others. This doesn't mean, however, that there are a lot of positions available, particularly the more specialized you become. I have 7 years of work experience in the Biotechnology industry and have experienced this first hand.

My advice to overcome this issue is to focus on building up a professional network. Always strive to learn more and engage people, even if they are not doing work directly related to what you are interested in. Many times you will discover new subjects you might want to pursue. As long as you are motivated and a hard worker, you will succeed.

Let me know if you have any other questions!



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