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What can you do with a major in molecular biology?

I plan on majoring in molecular biology. What can I do with a degree in molecular biology? How competitive is the field?? Will it be hard to get a job? #molecular-biology #science

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3 answers

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Savita’s Answer

You could look for an entry level research technician job in biotech industry with an undergraduate degree in molecular biology and a scientist level job with a masters. However, this will require you to have enough laboratory work experience and expertise in the techniques used in molecular biology. The Jobs market for biotech industry is expected to grow in near future.

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Herman’s Answer

Hi Catherine,

I majored in biochemistry and molecular biology for my undergraduate major. After graduating, I was a technician at a large pharmaceutical company. From there, I went into drug development and currently oversee clinical trials. If you want to do research and be in the lab, you may need a higher degree. But with just a bachelors degree, there are still many options in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.



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Vernon’s Answer

Molecular biology will lead you to pharmacy either as a pharmacist or as someone working for one of the drug companies. If you can stand the business model, big Pharma pays the best. What I mean is, if you can reconcile that they charge 500% more for the same drugs in the U.S. as they charge in the rest of the world, then go ahead and pursue that career choice.

A bachelors degree probably won't be good enough for an upwardly mobile career, so start thinking about graduate school and a thesis subject early.